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Warranty Analytics

Enabling smarter decisions in intelligent enterprises:

Identify emerging trends in defects to reduce warranty and recall costs, maintain brand strength, and improve customer loyalty

Manufacturers, on an average, spend as high as 2.5% to 8% of their revenue on warranty costs. Best in class manufacturers have been able to achieve warranty spends as low as 0.5%, underlining the tremendous potential for cost reduction in business operations – from efficient process management as well as product quality improvement. Majority of manufacturing companies limit their warranty business intelligence to historical reporting needs. Manufacturers need robust technology that can monitor & report, provide timely alerts on critical warranty parameters, predict warranty patterns and improve the analysis of scenarios under different warranty conditions. Presenting Sailotech’s Warranty Analytics Solution – a rapid deployment, quick returns remedy to current business challenges.

Warranty Analytics solutions use to discover hidden trends in warranty and service records to more quickly identify the emergence of previously unknown defects. Sailotech can transform data into insights to help you proactively address your brand equity resulting from product defects while balancing customer satisfaction with profitability.

Below is a snapshot of some integral warranty elements and their effect on warranty costs, thus emphasizing the huge potential for immediate cost savings in the warranty function.


Typical areas of applying Analytics on Warranty data involves:

• Text mining to identify problem areas, instead of technicians trying to select from hundreds of warranty categories
• Predicting the expected number of claims or cost of claims
• Identify and forecast fraudulent claims
• Identifying issues before they become showstoppers
• What-if analysis such as if we increase the mileage what will be impact on warranty costs

Some of the warranty analytics benefits:

• Tremendous impact on bottom line due to early issues identification
• Prevention of fraud on warranty claims
• Optimized warranty policies for maximum financial performance
• Increase efficiency of support logistics such as optimum stocking of replacement parts or deployment of technicians
• Increased customer satisfaction, product quality & brand reputation
• Reduction in detection-to-correction cycle time;

Sailotech Warranty Analytics Solutions




Download Warranty Analytics Brochure : Warranty Analytics - Brochure (435 downloads)