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Odoo is an all-inclusive, open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which comprises of several business modules such as E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), billing, accounting, inventory management, warehouse management, project management, financial management, purchasing, and manufacturing. These integrated modules have been designed to exchange information seamlessly and efficiently.

In general, Odoo is designed to meet any complex business requirements with ease with its highly customizable nature

Odoo – Offering Seamless User Experience for the Business and Corporate World

Odoo is regarded as a first-rated management software which is quite suitable to run an organization efficiently. There are millions of satisfied customers who get better outputs with the integrated apps promoted by it.

With a huge set of 10,000+ apps in its kitty, this Open Source ERP and CRM Toolcaters to your business requirements with its comprehensive solutions. In other words, the Odoo apps are perfectly in sync with each other which enable complete automation of the business processes.

Odoo offers a top notch user experience with its all-inclusive package. The open source format of Odoo has enabled several business experts and developers to create a huge number of apps within a shorter time. Built on a solid technical foundation, the framework of Odoo is unique. Interestingly, the developments and upgrades made on Odoo would apply to all its integrated apps by default, thus making its progression much faster as compared to any other solution.

The Odoo team firmly believes that a particular business software should be capable of covering the complex business requirements, without getting involved in the complexities. Working in alignment with their mission to provide a software that is intuitive, feature-rich, strongly integrated, easily upgradable, and at the same time functioning efficiently for any kind of businesses or users, they have managed to earn the goodwill of many customers. There are as many as 30 applications which have been developed by Odoo and upgraded on a regular basis. Further, there are over 1500 active members belonging to the Odoo community who have contributed around 16,000+ apps which cater to varied business requirements.

Odoo is popular business software which is installed by a maximum number of people owing to the ‘On-premise’ feature promoted by it. It is used by more than 4,500,000 users worldwide which include both start-up companies with a single user and large enterprises with 300,000 plus users.

What makes Odoo Unique?

Odoo offers a great experience for the users with its business-friendly apps. The flexibility and full integration capabilities offered by Odoo serves the needs of even the most complex infrastructure. It is flexible to such an extent that the apps can be added as per the growth of your company, by incorporating one app at a time according to the needs of the customers.
Odoo comprises of a package of open source business apps which enable the easy management of businesses and enterprises. Formerly known as open ERP, it served as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which offered a unified ERP solution. The easy and lightweight software written in the Python language, Odoo aims at broadening its functionality, increasing sales, carrying out operations, handling marketing activities, enhancing productivity, and strengthening the human resources segment.
Further, Odoo is a popular business application software editor and includes around 30 main applications maintained by the editor and over 3,000 applications intended for various business segments. Odoo also offers an open source CMS, a Business Intelligence engine, and a full-fledged E-commerce. It meets all the business requirements ranging from sales, accounting, manufacturing, to recruitment through its complete set of apps.

Some of the Functionalities and Features Offered:

Create Fully-functional Websites with Odoo

Build and customize your websites and boost online sales using features like in-built invoicing and accounting, efficient inventory management, etc. Enhance your revenue and sales productivity using tools like Point of Sales, mass mailing, Quote Builder, Lead Automation, CRM, and many more.

Enables Easy Project Management

Manage your tasks and projects, timesheets, collaborative work, issues tracking, etc. efficiently using Odoo. Further, it offers billing and accounting tools to synchronize bookkeeping with all other activities, enables the creation of invoicing and billing timesheets, and helps in analyzing your sales and marketing approach. Moreover, tackle your manufacturing, warehouse, and purchase activities easily using Odoo apps.

Empowers the Marketing Division

The Odoo apps help in planning e-mail campaigns which are focused on engaging customers by involving in live chats, building surveys in order to derive high quality insights, organizing events so as to draw the attention of the customers, initiating lead automation campaigns in order to monitor leads and performance, and creating communities so as to promote services by way of forums, Q&A, etc.

Augments Your Productivity

The Business Intelligence app from Odoo provides a well-organized structure and insight into your business analytics. Odoo provides an easy way to comprehend the statistical details and track the development of all reports, projects, invoices, and several other activities. In addition, Odoo apps integrate easily with any other external software.

To sum it up, Odoo acts as a one-stop-shop for all your business and organizational requirements, thereby providing an enriched experience for the users.