Banking Analytics

Full Life Cycle Banking Analytics - FLCBA


The disruption arising due to increasing customer expectations, improving profits while trying to mitigate risks, reducing operational costs, and staying competitive at the same time is quite a Herculean task. Banks manage a large amount of customer data which they use for detecting fraud, marketing, and for performing simple credit risk calculations. Advanced Data Science helps to gain deeper customer insights and quantifying risks while streamlining the processes, and adapt in this ever-changing business environment. Sailotech provides a powerful and secure analytics platform to banking industries in order to help them transform their data so as to gain a lasting competitive advantage. We offer a wide range of access and analysis options including contemporary interface and integrated workflow solutions.

With our cognitive capabilities coupled with the analytics-driven platform, banks evolve faster and increase customer profitability, operational efficiency, and manage risks more effectively. Our digital intelligence-designed platform enables transforming the raw data to insightful information, therby encouraging banks to reach their strategic goals in the intense competition around.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Banking Analytics platform:

Comprehensive, portfolio-level view of a bank’s group exposure
Robust data for due diligence and compliance
Increases efficiency by screening for banks or using the custom report builder
Improves customer level profitability
Enhances investment and insurance cross-selling

Business paybacks

  • Reduces customer attrition by 7%-10%
  • Reduces churn by 15%
  • Increases revenue by 4%-6%
  • Increases cross-sell revenue
  • Reduces resource effort by 20%-35%