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Analytics solution for Knowledge management

Analytics solution for Knowledge management

Analytics solution - Sailotech

One manner to get round this trouble is to implement a strong analytics strategy to go along with the information control device of choice. Having quantified reviews can help businesses enhance their analytical system and get close to their goal of a success information control.


  • The traditional knowledge database have been SQL based i.e., tabular relations used in relational databases
  • It is search based requiring high levels of domain expertise which limits the ability of the user to find relevant knowledge quickly.
  • Knowledge sharing is adhoc and not real time. The users should be able to chat and interact with peers across the organization. All the respective interactions should be archived and available for later reference.
  • To create knowledge, the use of the proprietary authoring tools is required which happens to be significant knowledge creation bottleneck. Access to Knowledge is restricted to the knowledge Management software.
  • Requires lengthy implementation cycle that demand high levels of effort to centralize knowledge or reuse existing corporate knowledge.


Our knowledge management analytic product offers easy methods to leverage existing corporate knowledge as well as facilitate on-going knowledge creation, capture and re-use.

  • Implementation cycle is quick in bringing up/adopting existing knowledge base with less duplication of work.
  • Knowledge management repository can be searched quickly using innovative algorithms for the information related to the corporate products, trends, technology, policies, assets, employee skills including their availability (online, offline) matrix for reference.
  • Contribution to the knowledge base is made simple and easy
    • To contribute, one doesn’t require to explicitly login to the KM server
    • To contribute, one doesn’t require being a trained user.
    • To contribute, one doesn’t require to use specialized knowledge tools
  • Our Knowledge management analytic product supports & facilitates online discussion forums, Blogs, email discussions, reviews, ratings, social knowledge sharing.
  • Access to the knowledge base is made simple, easy and quick. The search results unless categorized would include the articles, forums, blogs, emails, case studies.

Product Features:

  • Simple Plug-in to Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and other desktop tools to enable easy knowledge contribution.
  • Online discussion forums, collaborative communities and chats to facilitate sales or any department to deliver the best.
  • Automated tools to capture knowledge from these discussion forums, communities, chats so ensure the information is preserved and available for future
  • For every query searched, the knowledge Management would provide the list of all documents, articles etc. and even help in identifying the Subject Matter Expert along with his/her availability and workload. It should be possible to locate the SMEs on mapso that the closest one available can be contacted.
  • Managing workflow and processes to insure that the contributed knowledge can be vetted so that users can identify and access corporate approved content
  • It would be interesting to implement the hashtag protocol similar to social networking and microblogging services, which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content

Product Integration:

  • Ticket Management system
  • Online discussion forums, collaborative communities and chats to facilitate sales or any department to deliver the best.
  • Salesforce automation
  • Lead/Opportunity management
  • Product Lifecycle management