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A Snapshot of the Infor EAM Capabilities

A Snapshot of the Infor EAM Capabilities

As businesses and companies expand, their needs also grow accordingly. In order to cater to these requirements, there arise the need for a suitable solution which can address the challenges of the day-to-day business activities. Armed with industry-specific competencies, Infor EAM, the one-of-its-kind asset management software, is highly regarded as the best fit to boost the productivity of different industries such as utilities, transit, public sector, manufacturing, chemicals, food and beverage, healthcare, and life science.

Exploring Infor Enterprise Asset Management in Depth

From the time it was launched, the growth of Infor EAM had been impressive enough in such a way that it had offered support to a network of 10,000 companies all over the world. These companies depend upon this innovative solution to enhance their asset tracking and maintenance, which help them to boost performance during the entire lifecycle of the assets. Further, the Infor EAM users can utilize the basic asset management methods to stay ahead of the competition.

Infor EAM is a highly configurable enterprise asset management (EAM) software which is built upon a modern, dynamic, and scalable framework. It is available in different editions and is easily customizable as per the requirements of different industry verticals. Further, it is capable of handling and monitoring the deployment, maintenance, and performance of company assets, minimizes operational costs, and avoids operational malfunctioning. Moreover, it enables the manufacturers, service organizations, and suppliers to optimize the resources and boost the staff and equipment efficiency. It also helps to improve asset visibility, create comprehensive audit reports, and authenticate data on assets in order to increase compliance with various industry regulations and standards.

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The Features and Benefits of Infor EAM

The features and capabilities of Infor EAM cover all the facets of asset performance, of which some are listed below:

  • It enables the users to locate the physical assets and use the pertinent information for the purpose of analytics
  • It promotes asset hierarchy management through which the organizations can monitor the expenses of the assets accurately throughout their lifecycle, and carry out analysis on how the systems and equipment are connected
  • Another key aspect of Infor EAM is materials management. The inventory procedures of the companies are well-supported by the system by way of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) calculations as well as through returns, receipts, and cycle counts, which help them to optimize the inventory management processes and minimize costs
  • The users can schedule preventive maintenance for certain days or generalize it to add more time to the window
  • Every step in the maintenance process can be monitored using the work management features and the pending work orders can also be tracked
  • There are other modules provided by Infor EAM to enhance asset depreciation tracking, purchase management, and the like
  • As Infor EAM is highly scalable, the organizations are able to integrate additional computing power as per the demand
  • It could be used on any operating system and it works well on mobile devices, which enables quicker decision-making
  • Infor EAM has the ability to detect the crucial points of failure accurately and support the users to find out a way to avoid this, thereby minimizing the necessity for reactive maintenance
  • This platform enables profiling, performance monitoring, and reporting for various kinds of assets.

Method of Deployment

Infor EAM comes with a number of options for deployment, which enables the companies to choose the type which is best suited for their business needs. The customers can go for on-premises deployment, by which they can access the software license while operating the system on an in-house facility. Those who choose third-party hosting can deploy Infor EAM through a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted license or subscription pattern. This kind of deployment allows the companies to gain the license of the software while they pass on the operational tasks to Infor. Further, the SaaS model of deployment offers flexibility to the organizations to scale their services as and when required. In fact, the companies can assimilate these two deployment methods into a hybrid model, by which they can gain access to all the features of Infor EAM while they balance functionality between in-house and the Cloud environments.

To sum it up, the unique capabilities of Infor EAM are designed to meet the business requirements of various industries in the best way possible.