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Test automation suite for ERP deployed on Cloud

Test automation suite for ERP deployed on Cloud

One of the greatest benefits of cloud-based applications is their flexible nature, which enables the systems to become agile and respond rapidly to business processes. This implies that the changes are brought into the system’s environment through integrations and customizations. Other changes are included in release upgrades provided by the cloud software dealer.

With the increase in the customers who adopt cloud ERP, there is an urgency to validate the procedures for regression after every change has been made. While the manual testing methods are monotonous, the automation testing frameworks require coding. So, which direction would you take?

Well, you are left with no other option than to choose automated testing. However, apart from having a test automated solution handy, there are certain other factors which help to make the solution effective.

Here is a comprehensive list:

  • It Should be Specific to ERP Applications

In the ‘2015 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation’ report, Gartner had commented with reference to the vendors dealing with test automation software that “In general, we find that everyone “supports” testing of packaged application software — in that if it is Windows or Web, it is “just another application.” However, this ignores that packaged application testing scenarios are different to most custom made software.” Hence the automated testing tools used for cloud-based ERPs should be explicitly designed for this purpose only.

  • It Should be Analyst-oriented

The test automation frameworks need coding or scripting, which makes it difficult for the QA analysts to define test cases by themselves. To avoid this scenario, the tool must be designed in such a way that the analysts can define as well as implement the test cases with some additional training

  • It Should Enable Easy Capturing of Test Data

The test automation framework should have a sound mechanism which enables data capture, in order to develop test cases. This data may include entity records, transactions, or customized formats. Further, it should offer a control navigation system to move from one test case to the other through process flows, and also, it should facilitate the copying and editing of test cases.

  • It Should be able to Assemble the Process Flows

The business processes which are executed through cloud-based ERPs tend to be highly integrated, and hence, testing for an individual case does not add much value. This implies that it should be able to assemble process flows from specific test cases. Further, as regression testing should be carried out on a frequent basis, it is essential to bring in any kind of set up which helps the test data to carry out independent test executions.  

  • It Should Incorporate the Different Steps of Integration

Many of the business processes integrate data to or from a non-ERP system, and so as to facilitate automated testing of a certain process flow, the test automation tool need to initiate integration of the same.

  • It Should Enable Integration of Issue Management

There does not arise a need to log a case or an issue while an error gets reported during the testing process. If the automated testing tool is capable of integrating with the issue management system, the issue reporting process could be automated easily.

  • It Should Act as a Repository

The process flows as well as test cases should be saved and edited for the sake of new users/roles as well as defining the success standards. Further, these test cases need to serve as a repository for test cycles in the future. 

  • It Should Offer Reporting Facilities

Lastly, the test automation suite should offer easy-to-use reporting facilities. In fact, the reports and queries generated should be able to summarize data through attributes like transaction types, test cycles, and user/roles, which allows to manage the testing efforts efficiently.

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