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Exploring Infor ERP in Detail

Exploring Infor ERP in Detail

In today’s world, the manufacturers and distributors need a powerful technical backup to carry out their operations smoothly and without any fail. The ERP software solutions powered by the globally-renowned company Infor includes the right kind of ingredients to fulfill the requirements of these companies. In other words, the Infor ERP suite is designed in such a way as to cater to the industry-specific requirements, and further, it aims to offer a high-quality, mobile-first experience for the users, regardless of whether it is on-premises or Cloud-based. In fact, it does not offer any technical complexities or costly customizations.

Getting Further Deep into the Infor ERP Product Suite

Some of Infor’s key enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings include Infor10 ERP Enterprise, Infor10 ERP Business, Infor10 ERP Express, Infor10 ERP Process Business, and Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise. At first glance, all the products look alike, with each displaying many common ERP competencies. However, upon a closer look, you can see that each of the products offer unique functionalities meant for specific manufacturers and industries. To take an example, the Infor10 ERP Process Business is intended for process manufacturers belonging to food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical divisions. On the other hand, Infor10 ERP Express has been designed for discrete manufacturers belonging to automotive and machinery, and aerospace and defense segments.

The main offering featured in the Infor ERP suite is known as the CloudSuite. Each CloudSuite comes with a set of distinctive features which provide visibility into different aspects concerned with business ranging from human resource management and accounting to projects, sourcing, supply chains, and customer relationship management.

Further, the Infor ERP analytics is instrumental in speeding up the different processes using key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, preconfigured dashboards, and other tools that help the users to leverage on Infor’s functionalities in the best possible manner. In fact, the companies can use the information derived from analytics to gain valuable insights and take suitable action based on the same.

A Quick Glance through Some of the Important Features of Infor ERP

The solutions offered in the Infor ERP suite are beneficial for both large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Here are some of the key features offered by Infor ERP:

Human capital management (HCM) – Most of the industries are particular about consistency in service. Further, the buyers in the modern world are quite knowledgeable and expect speedy delivery at a nominal price. For this reason, getting the right personnel who are capable of sourcing good talent is essential to achieve success. Infor ERP offers the best-in-class HCM solutions that enable the users to get a complete view of the talent base, which further helps in attracting the right staff and going ahead with the hiring and retaining process. 

Advanced planning & scheduling – Infor ERP enables the users to get a quick idea about machines, workforce, materials, and tools required to manufacture a particular product. Further, the users can get track the demand for a product, as and when it happens. Moreover, before making any commitment to an unplanned order, the users are able to view the ripple effect it creates on their shop floor and work accordingly as per the expectations of the customers. In fact, suppose if a piece of particular equipment stops functioning, the users are able to make alternate arrangements in the production schedules quickly. In short, Infor ERP enhances productivity, improves order accuracy, and increases on-time delivery.

Workforce planning – The capability of Infor ERP for workforce planning empowers the distributors and manufacturers to improve their headcount to fulfill the scheduling criteria so that there would always be the right number of employees at the nick of the moment when the need arises. By way of this feature, the production line requirements can be managed effectively and the coverage gaps between actual and planned activities can be resolved successfully. In addition, this kind of workforce planning also helps the companies to determine the right number of people needed for both indirect and direct labor which enables them to carry out a demand forecast effectively.

Pre-built industry analytics – Infor ERP offers pre-built industry analytics data to the clients as per different domains and industries, which aids the stakeholders to access important details easily. In fact, there is provision available for the users to navigate and measure multi-dimensional data using a set of pre-defined chart templates or extract data upon an ad-hoc basis. Further, through analytics, the companies can create reports and configure dashboards through industry data formats, strategic KPIs, operational metrics, and an extensive collection of charts and widgets.

To summarize, the features of Infor ERP are of great advantage to both larger organizations as well as smaller and mid-sized companies. In other words, this industry-specific product suite from Infor comes with both cost-effective and time-saving capabilities.

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