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Know More about the Potentialities of Infor LN

Know More about the Potentialities of Infor LN

In today’s world, the manufacturers across the globe face immense pressure to stay intact in an unstable marketplace owing to the strong competition, the pace at which the advanced technologies are introduced, and many other things. Owing to this, they are forced to cut short the product lifecycles and minimize the timelines for launching new services and products to the market, giving due consideration for the cost aspect as well. This kind of rat race brings forth the need to manage more complicated supply chains on a global level. A key challenge in such a situation is the absence of a proper method to integrate the business processes, which is the result of information silos present across the enterprises. To avoid such a situation, the introduction of Infor LN practice to the system is a good choice. It takes up the assessment of the already existing business value chains, and with the help of new functionalities, or customizations, or optimization of the poorly functioning business processes, it eliminates such blockages. This helps the businesses to stay on the right track and permit seamless exchange of data between several applications.

What is Infor LN?

Infor LN is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which is explicitly designed to cater to the business needs of the manufacturers. It facilitates quick and cost-effective integration across various supply chains. It further promotes contextual and industry-specific analytics, which enables the collection of real-time data and monitoring of the performance metrics to bring about improved communication as far as the businesses are concerned. In fact, Infor LN is used by manufacturers across the world to achieve transparency and optimization in the organizational processes, and minimize the need for software customizations to remain competitive.

Some of the Notable Features of Infor LN

  • It is a global ERP with a single-instance, and which works on both Cloud and on-premises
  • It offers support for MTO (Make-to-order), ETO (Engineer-to-order), MTS (Make-to-stock), and repetitive manufacturing. In MTO environments, the products are manufactured after a customer places the order. In ETO environments, the customer specifications include customizations, a distinctive engineering design, and procurement of new materials. In MTS environments, the products would already be in stock before a customer places the order.
  • It is designed based upon the  best industry practices
  • It provides supply chain visibility starting from production, extending through shipment, warranty, service, and refurbishing
  • It is accessible in 21 different languages
  • It has an extensive set of tools meant for personalization, without having to customize the source code
  • It offers local compliance for 49 countries
  • It offers a comprehensive assembly line control to introduce last-minute changes as well as complicated products.

Top 5 Reasons which makes Infor LN a Perfect Choice for Your Business

Most of the companies consider the task of upgrading to the latest release of ERP software as quite intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming. However, the real fact is just the opposite. In other words, a majority of the ERP upgrades are completed quickly and further, they come for reasonable budgets as well, without causing any interruption to the functioning of the business. Moreover, the effect of an ERP upgrade is far-reaching – it can streamline various business processes, boost productivity, offer access to new markets easily, and so on.

Many enterprises perceive an ERP upgrade as a Return on Investment (ROI), and they expect the results within a short time. As this is the case, the concerned management need to get convinced that spending a certain amount for the ERP upgrade is worth it. For this, you need to list the challenges faced and how the proposed ERP upgrade can address it within a stipulated time period.

Accordingly, the below listed are the benefits an ERP upgrade can bring about:

  • It facilitates faster decision-making
    The ease in accessing information anytime and anywhere enables an organization to speed up its decision-making process. The sole aim of the organization in upgrading to the latest version of ERP is to simplify the entire business operations through its enhanced features and improve the runtime of many time-consuming operations.
  • It enables social networking
    Now InforLN has the capacity to generate tasks, alerts, and posts using Ming.le, Infor’s social media collaboration platform. It acts as a centralized platform for contextual analytics, business process improvement, and social collaboration. In fact, Infor Ming.le enables you to navigate back and forth to various Infor applications, view workflow, alerts, and analytics, and facilitate access to business conversations involving external and internal participants of the organization.
  • Promotes easy customization
    Customization is one important feature which makes Infor LN unique. It enables personalization of change appearance by way of its ‘customize grid’ feature. Further, there is provision to customize screens as well. All of these user-friendly features help to speed up the work so as to meet the tight deadlines and schedules.
  • Offers seamless integration with other applications
    The Infor ION or Infor Intelligent Open Network makes it easy to synchronize different Infor and non-Infor systems. This scalable and powerful solution enables the elimination of operational bottlenecks and accomplishes improved business efficiency.
  • It is cost-effective
    If you seek the services of a consultant who offers transparent cost patterns, understands your business, and who is thoroughly knowledgeable about LN FP7, then you do not have to worry about unnecessary costs for rework or poor quality. In fact, Infor LN focuses on cost optimization and optimal utilization of resources. Shedding out a nominal cost for the ERP upgrade would certainly reap huge benefits for the organization in the long run.

In short, the benefits of choosing an ERP upgrade is worth the time, money, and effort spent on it. Any business looking to expand should opt for an upgrade to make the most out of its several features and come out with flying colors.