Accelerating Software Testing with TestEnsure and Infor
  • Importance of Test Automation
  • TestEnsure Advantages
  • Infor Integration
  • Q& A Session
iKapture - "Try Now" Demo ( AI - based Document Processing Solution)
  • Demo of iKapture “Try Now” option – Try yourself.
Unlocking the Power of iKapture's Intelligent Automation Platform
  • What’s the differentiator of iKapture and why should customers choose us?
  • How does iKapture helps customers?
  • How AI can revolutionize Document Processing?
Modern AI - Powered Test Automation Tool
  • Infor LN pre-built and re-usable test automation scripts
  • Framework to accelerate automation testing
  • Run through the 'TestEnsure' software
How TestEnsure Can Help Accelerate Your Infor LN Testing
  • Speed up your Infor LN testing process
  • Reduce your project cost and minimize risk
  • Reduce time of test execution by 92%
Speed up your delivery Pipeline with Test Automation
  • Process to automate your delivery pipeline.
  • Reduce test time and improve performance.
  • Speed up your testing process.
Digital Transformation Journey with Intelligent Automation Testing
  • Join us on a live webinar to speed up your testing while maintaining a high level of quality as well as take your initial steps towards Smart & Intelligent automation.
End to End automation with TestEnsure
  • How does E2E testing work?
  • difference between system testing and end-to-end testing?
  • Benefits of end-to-end testing?
  • Why automate end-to-end testing?
  • How TestEnsure can help with end-to-end testing?
Re-engineer your business with Intelligent Automation
  • What does Intelligent Automation Provide?
  • How do you implement intelligent automation?
  • What is the difference between RPA and intelligent automation?
Test Automation Strategy with Fail Fast Approach
  • Is failing fast good?
  • What is Fail Fast in Agile?
  • What does it mean to fail fast and learn faster?
  • What are the best practices of failing fast?
Reduce Time to Market with TestEnsure - Test Automation
  • Who Needs to Kick-Start Test Automation.
  • Expectations from test automation solutions.
  • How to start with the least resources and efforts.
  • TestEnsure Demo & Walkthrough.
Document Digitization for Industries | Session 3
  • Industry Use Cases
  • Learnings
  • Get 2-month free access to the iKapture tool
Document Digitization for Industries | Session 2
  • Current shortfalls and challenges
  • Upgrade to iKapture
  • Independence from templates is key to your transformation strategy.
Document Digitization for Industries | Session 1
  • Defining accuracy is key to the calculation of ROI
  • OCR with AI-based & ML driven model
  • Scoping a Use Case is critical
  • Integrability & configurability will fast pace the adoption
Accounts Payable Hidden Treasure
  • Reaping benefits from your AP function.
  • Fostering collaboration and saving costs.
  • just a smart adoption of the right process and technology.
Test Automation implementation approach on your ERP
  • Assessment: Requirement Analysis, Scoping, Test Strategy
  • Provisioning: Environment, Framework, Test Plans
  • Test and Validate: Scenarios, Scripting, Execution, Results
  • Exit: Reports, Metrics, Snapshots
Cash is the only Reality-Session2
  • Process review of Collection Process
  • Mode of Submission
  • Flexibility in invoice format
Cash is the only Reality-Session1
  • Reason for delayed collection
  • Challenges faced during Collection
TestEnsure Automation Tool
  • Identify and prioritize automation opportunities
  • Importance of TaaS
  • How TestEnsure Works.
Test Automation Suite powered by Sailotech
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Enhancement
  • End to End Automation
Intelligent Data Capture - Technical Discussion
  • Intelligent Data Capture - Features
  • Use Cases
  • Architecture
  • How iKapture Works
DIY- 5 Step Process To Digitize Your Organizational Documents
  • DIY - 5 Steps
  • Architecture for organisation
  • Features
Root Cause Failure Analysis(RCFA)
  • How to Fix your Maintenance problems
Infor ERP LN - Cloud Vs On Premise
  • How Cloud Technology powers business Agility
  • Benefits of Cloud
  • Reason to move ERP to cloud
  • Cloud Vs on Premise
Implement Industry 4.0 in Your Shop Floor
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Industry Evolution
  • 4.0 Features
End to End Business Process Test Automation Demo - Enterprise Application Testing
  • Infor LN Scenarios
  • Order to Cash
  • Infor EAM Scenarios
  • Operation & Maintenance
Tangible benefits to your Business by Automation of ERP Testing Services
  • Selenium based open-source framework.
  • Faster deployment & easy maintenance.
  • Outcome-based testing enhances credibility.
Infor ERP LN 10.7 - New Functionality and Features (Sites) Finance Perspective
  • Process Changes in Infor ERP
  • LN Manufacturing - Approval Process
  • Comparision LN 10.5 to LN 10.7
Serialization and Traceability Live at Your Fingertips Across Your Shop Floor?
  • Traceability for a manufactured unit
  • Serial Traceability Manufacturing
  • Feature Benefits
New Features and Benefits of the Latest Version of Infor ERP LN 10.7
  • Integration Mapping/ Reconciliation
  • Site Functionality
  • Manufacturing Approval Process
Process Changes in Infor ERP LN 10.7 - LN Financials
  • Integration Mapping
  • Reconciliation Area
  • Debit & credit Line Mapping
  • Revision of Element Groups
Infor ERP LN 10.7 - New Functionality and Features (Sites) Logistics Perspective
  • Site Functionality
  • Characteristics of sites
  • Types of sites
Enhance Your Engagement Experience with Your Supplier Partners with AI & ML
  • AI based supplier Collaboration
  • Supplier Onboarding Process
  • Interface Overview
Infor ERP LN 10.7 - New Functionality and Features (Sites) Manufacturing Perspective
  • Site Functionality
  • Characteristics of sites
  • Types of sites
Process Changes in Infor ERP LN 10.7 - LN Manufacturing - Part 1
  • LN Manufacturing
  • Approval Process
  • Comparison of LN 10.5 to LN 10.7
Use and Importance of Flexible Integration Mapping - Infor LN Financials - Part 2
  • What is Mapping Scheme
  • Ledger Mapping
  • Reconciliation Areas & Sub areas
  • Benefits of Mapping Scheme in LN 10.6
Use and Importance of Flexible Integration Mapping- Infor LN Financials - Part 1
  • What is Mapping Scheme
  • Mapping scheme in BaaN vs ERP LN
  • Benefits of Mapping Scheme
End to End Invoice Processing with IQ Bot and Enterprise A2019 RPA for Finance & Accounting
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Purpose Built AI for documents
  • Drag n Drop AI for Documents
  • AI for your AP invoice process
Know How Safe is Your ERP Production Application? Demo - Fully Automated Test Suite on Infor ERP LN
  • What is TaaS?
  • Challenges
  • Benefits of TaaS
  • The Model & Pricing
Learn How Manufacturing Companies Using Infor LN are Adopting Industry 4.0 to Transform their Shop Floor?
  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • Industry 4.0 Maturity Levels
  • Transform your Shop Floor
Cash is the only Reality-Session3
  • Embracing Digitization & automation
  • Set process for mapping payment advices to receipt advice
  • Tracking of customer feedbacks and action plan
  • Accelerating internal process for approvals for customer requests
15 definite reasons for Electronic & Equipment Manufacturers should have their ERP and Shopfloor work unitedly and in sync.
  • Business Case
  • Digital Organization
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Advance Analytics