IIoT Connect

Transform into a Smart Enterprise by Unlocking the Power of IIoT


Unleash the power of IIoT and revolutionize your industry in a profound way. Enable interaction between physical devices, vehicles, and appliances by embedding sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, and enable exchange of data anytime and anywhere. IIoT is the application of IoT to industrial processes, supply chains, products, and services.

The product life cycle management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management systems are dealt independently of each other, which forbid us from having a holistic view of the enterprise and help in driving the overall efficiency with a gain of up to 26%. IIoT Connect leads to a smarter enterprise which implies connecting the current automation systems with the enterprise lifecycle and value chain systems.

Benefits of Leveraging IIoT

Integration of data from suppliers, logistics, providers, and customers
Introduction of new technology, peripherals, tools, and equipment
Distributed production enabling addition of new data sources, locations, and owners
Sensors on raw materials, parts, products, and orders passing through organizations for data capturing

IIoT Connect Offers

We believe that the potential of IIoT is limitless because we can create more and more data from various connected machines, systems, and devices, and with that data the amount of valuable insights we can realize and act upon is immense.

Sailotech believes in the benefit that IIoT offers, and with our varied industry experience we have been able to build insightful systems that help organizations function in the best possible way.

Real-time decision support
Energy management
Condition monitoring
Remote monitoring