Insurance Analytics

Full Life Cycle Insurance Analytics - FLCIA


To cope up with emerging customer expectations, intense competition, and struggle to increase profitability, the insurance companies are customizing their products and services to better fit into the demands of the customers. With the availability of data from various digital sources in complexity and volume, the insurance industry is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they function, right from inception to completion. Sailotech’s Insurance Analytics solutions consist of models to assist users in making informed decisions across the line of business. They integrate economic scenarios with modeling solutions to generate required analytics and insurance business insights.

We leverage sophisticated AI and Machine Learning techniques to deploy solutions that empower insurance businesses and provide enhanced customer experience, accelerate sales performance, and deliver business insights.

Our staging is designed as per the needs of our clients, which help to increase retention, improve cross-selling opportunities, and predict customer behavior. It combines our business expertise with state-of-the-art data science, to provide customized solutions in order to detect and expedite the investigation of suspected providers, claimants, and claim-level behaviors.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Insurance Analytics platform:

Product pricing based on policyholder behavior
Detects and prevents fraud
Gain customer insights and assess their experience
Improve risks assessment during the underwriting process
Provide oversight of key risks and compliance indicators for insurers

Business paybacks

  • Increase cost savings by 38%
  • Reduces claim handling time by 45%
  • Increases market share by 1%-3%
  • Improve profits by 3%-8%
  • Generate reports in minutes rather than weeks