Manufacturing Analytics

Full Life Cycle Manufacturing Analytics - FLCMA


With margins getting smaller and demands becoming intense, the manufacturing industries are undergoing transformation in order to boost their productivity and profitability. Whether it is root cause analysis or predictive maintenance, Manufacturing Analytics can provide insights to identify ineffectiveness, find possibilities for development, and avoid predicaments for every user. Sailotech provides a data-driven approach to enforce quality controls and optimize production processes. The use of analytics can provide breakthrough insights into the specific areas affecting performance and can enable new revenue models designed around business transformation.

We help manufacturing companies unlock the potential of diverse customers and business data to deliver significant value, which renders a long-lasting impact. Our unique Manufacturing Analytics platform enables you to develop industry-specific forecasts and translates those to the most appropriate and cost-effective decisions.

We provide you with the right approach to amplify your manufacturing business and present you with a competitive edge by means of our quality-driven data analytics solutions.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Manufacturing Analytics platform:

Machine Learning algorithms for fraud scoring, failure prediction, and reserve analysis
Manufacturing performance analytics including quality, cost, automated/integrated equipment efficiency, inventory analytics, etc.
End-to-end supply chain visibility
Retail and distributor collaboration
Tracks and traces through distribution

Business paybacks

  • Reduces machine downtime by 30%-50%
  • Optimizes production by 18%-30%
  • Reduces overall inventory
    investment by 40%-50%
  • Improves forecasting accuracy and turnaround time by 25%-35%
  • Increases operating margins by at least 8%
  • Increases efficiency by 4.1% annually
  • Increases annual revenue by an average of 2.9% and reduce costs by an average of 3.6%
  • Increases inventory turns and asset utilization by 8%-10%