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Sailotech Oracle CoE – Paving the Stepping Stone to Excellence

The Oracle Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Sailotech strives to work towards greater customer satisfaction. The CoE has a large knowledge repository with best industry practices that can be readily proposed and applied to customers as process improvements. The Centre, with a dedicated and certified team, has developed prototypes with the best industry solutions across verticals that can be readily demonstrated to customers on a short notice.

Multiple Bolt-on applications such as ‘AP Automation’ and ‘Warehouse Automation’ have been developed, that add value to the customers at no additional implementation costs. The CoE has also developed an implementation methodology (based on the Waterfall and Agile methods) and created in-house accelerators which shorten the implementation timelines that have a direct impact on the implementation costs.

Why Sailotech?

Sailotech’s presence and experience across continents (North America , Asia, Europe, and Africa) makes it the preferred vendor. We focus on implementing the best practices in Oracle to cater to the varied requirements of our global customers across multiple verticals like healthcare, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and public sector, to name a few. Equipped with the right technical skills and rich implementation expertise, we aim to add value to our customers by offering them a simplified business model and alleviating their business challenges by means of our advanced solutions.

Oracle Application Management Services (AMS)

We offer an offshore/onshore hybrid support format on a 24x7 basis. Our comprehensive range of outsourcing services include Oracle application support, development and database support, maintenance support, testing, technology development, and the like. Our support services are customizable according to the unique requirements of the customers. We hold ourselves accountable for incident resolution and system operations, routine backups and maintenance service, as well as designing and installing minor enhancements.

Our Services

Get Ready to Encounter Your Business Challenges Using Our Oracle Cloud Solutions!!!

Regardless of whether you are a large business enterprise looking to transform the existing platforms for better efficiency, or a start-up planning to explore new markets, our unique Oracle solutions powered by cloud enable you to reengineer the businesses to give them a modernized outlook, thereby fortifying them to encounter the challenges in the digital world.

Here are a few of our featured solutions:
  • Oracle Managed Services
    Managed Services
  • Oracle EBS
    Oracle EBS
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud
    Oracle Fusion Cloud
  • On-premise to Cloud Services
    On-premise to Cloud Services
  • Oracle Data Migration
    Oracle Data Migration
  • Oracle Upgrades
    Oracle Upgrades
  • Database Services
    Database Administration Services

Managed Services

We ensure complete support for the uninterrupted functioning of your infrastructure and applications through our Oracle managed services model.

We focus on helping our customers to attain peak performance, at the same time minimizing the costs significantly for managing their applications, and achieving complete control and agility through our unified approach. We hold ourselves accountable for the level of performance, application availability, engineering, and overall maintenance. We also offer customized solutions in Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and On-premise, to cater to the varied requirements and priorities of your organization.

We offer three different support models like Gold, Silver, and Bronze, in order to cater to the unique requirements of our esteemed clients. During the initial stages of migration to cloud ERP, we offer the necessary support to stabilize or adopt to the new system via user trainings and business critical applications.

Our Gold Support model is well-suited for global operation teams that wish to migrate to cloud quickly. We offer 24x7 support for all primacies, user training, and complex reports development in this suite. The Silver Support model offers great support for global teams at decent prices, with on call priority 1 support on a 24x7 basis and complex report development. Our support is extended on business critical times and during month ends. The Bronze Support model focuses on offering support to small organizations with on call priority 1 support on a 24x7 basis.

Our Key Takeaways:

  • Facilitates informed decision-making
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Offers high quality maintenance/patching
  • Offers support on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Conducts infrastructure health check
  • Offers regular performance monitoring of end-to-end services
  • Facilitates incident and event management
  • Provides managed security
  • Offers infrastructure optimization and tuning
  • Offers an extensive resource pool
  • Enables up and down scalability
  • Minimizes TCO by shifting from CapEx to OpEx model
  • Facilitates significant saving on cooling, power, cabling, and rack space
  • Provides option for executive reporting on a monthly basis
  • Provides a highly efficient service desk.

Oracle E-business Suite

We are committed to meeting the requirements of our EBS customers which surpass the basic functionalities of Oracle. Our EBS add-ons offer added functionality, thereby providing many key benefits to the businesses. Our rich implementation experience, technical capabilities, and industry expertise empowers you to accomplish your business goals easily.

The Oracle EBS suite from Sailotech offers a comprehensive set of high-performing business applications that go well with businesses big or small. Further, our EBS suite comprises of several modules which enable you to take on the business challenges and respond to the rising market demands as and when needed. We are involved in constantly upgrading and developing our modules, in order to add value to our customers.

The below listed are some of the segments we cater to:

  • Human Resources
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Projects
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Marketing
  • Service
    • Oracle Support services which include functional, technical, and enhancement supports to the implemented modules
    • DBA Support services
    • Upgrade and Migration services
    • Fusion implementations
  • Supply Chain Management & Planning
    • Logistics

We have the best-in-class templates of Sailotech methodology derived from our vast and extensive experience with the Oracle Product services which incorporate the best practices in coding, the essential technical/functional designs, and other requirements. Our one-of-its-kind testing framework combined with flexible and well-defined methods help in minimizing the production defects during rollouts.

We offer the following services in our Oracle EBS suite:

We ensure that our customers have the latest version of applications. Sailotech has devised its own upgrade methodologies which facilitates in smooth launching of Oracle EBS upgrades. Our multi-phased approach helps in reducing risks and facilitates detailed planning for cutovers with minimal business interruptions. We also enable the customers to re-evaluate the already existing Oracle applications, technical landscape, and business processes to bring in added value from these solutions.
We replicate our customer’s vision and ambition to become and remain a world leader in their respective businesses by designing our implementation services accordingly. Some of our services include customization, set-up and installation, data conversion as well as synchronization with products of third parties, roll-outs, project management, implementation, and many more. We follow a collaborative approach with our clients and ensure that roll-outs are carried out with greater efficiency, and lesser ownership and operational cost.
We focus on simplifying the application management processes, thereby increasing the operational efficiency and business performance through our EBS application and value management services. We offer services like performance tuning, monitoring, troubleshooting, bug fixing, reporting, data analysis, operations support, etc.
In order to facilitate smooth migration as well as adoption in to cloud, it is essential to carry out cloud assessment which comprise of recognizing the workloads which need to be migrated by using appropriate cloud services. Our processes are streamlined in such a way as to alleviate risks, at the same time minimizing your TCO. Apart from risk mitigation strategies, we also offer security strategies which include evaluating the existing rules and closing any loopholes present in the current deployment system.

Here analysis is carried out in the following:

  • Load balancers, networking
  • Software versions (web server, OS, app server, application, database)
  • Security rules, firewalls, access policies
  • Infrastructure and performance requirements (storage, compute)
  • Active Directory group, single sign-on
  • QA, Dev, production settings
  • Synchronization with internal & external applications.

Analyzing the Cloud Providers

  • Evaluate the cloud components which are applicable right now and for a couple of years
  • Highlighting the features needed for your applications like elasticity, compliance requirements, performance, scalability, etc.
  • Checking the bandwidth connectivity requirements for smaller and larger organizations
  • Verifying the GDPR compliance requirements
  • Checking for license compatibility and software subscriptions.

Webinars & Training

  • On-site training
  • Webinars
  • Instructor-led online training.

Monitoring, Analysis, & Billing

  • Regular monitoring of processes (inside server)
  • Functional or server performance monitoring
  • Providing billing alerts.

Support for Cloud Vendors

  • Chat/phone calls to get quicker response
  • E-mail support
  • Cloud platform tool incorporation support
  • Support through knowledge zones & help guides
  • Extending reach to cloud community.

Oracle Fusion Cloud

The Oracle Fusion Cloud applications from Sailotech empower you to adopt different business models quickly, which enables you to minimize costs, improve forecasts, and stay ahead of your competitors. Our extensive industry experience coupled with trained as well as certified resources who have deep expertise in Fusion technology, help to alleviate risks, reduce complexity, and improve business value generated from our Oracle Fusion Cloud applications.

Our Fusion Cloud Offerings include:

  • Fusion implementation on a full scale as well as consulting services
  • Readiness analysis combined with multi-functional assessment
  • Adapting different Fusion applications with Oracle as well as non-Oracle applications which have different deployment formats, as per your requirements and willingness.


We offer an all-inclusive analytics and BI platform known as the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) in order to make the benefits of BI applications available to a large number of users. Our solution is highly scalable, which is the reason why it is preferred by many companies that look forward to minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our exclusive BI solution extracts data from different systems and offers reliable information, thereby enabling you to arrive at the right decision. Our experts perform a detailed assessment of your organizational data and offer insights regarding the suitable BI strategy to be employed to get the optimum results. Our evaluation parameters include listing out the profitable customers, highest sold products, key markets, and many more. Our comprehensive list of services include patching, monitoring, backups, and recovery. We host the OBIEE setup of your enterprise on the corresponding hardware placed in our own datacentre.

Here are some of the OBIEE features we provide:

  • Dashboards that are extremely interactive
  • Ad hoc queries based upon unstructured as well as structured data
  • Strong financial and operational reporting facilities
  • Efficient strategy and scorecard management
  • Instant access to Big Data resources
  • Advanced in-memory computing.

On-premise to Cloud Services

The migration to a cloud ERP involves a detailed evaluation of how your current ERP is utilized in your organization, and determines whether you require any customization, and transfers the data from a certain location to another, and offers continuous support for the new solution.

There are three stages for Oracle ERP cloud migration namely discovery, setup, and support. In the discovery stage, we perform a deep analysis on how you use your Oracle ERP or any other on-premises ERP and find out answers for questions like who uses ERP, and in which department, the specific add-ons used by each department, the kind of data handled by ERP, and its relevance to day-to-day operations, and so on. This way we can determine your Oracle ERP cloud requirements and can come up with a plan easily to move your data and start the setup process which includes mapping data to its new location, customization, backup, migration, testing, training your employees, and go-live.

By choosing Oracle cloud ERP in the place of any other on-premises solution, your business gets an additional benefit of going through an evolutionary process known as “continuous optimization” with ongoing support from us.

We offer a set of assessment tools, useful insights, and ground breaking solutions to make the process of migration to cloud an easier one. For this purpose, we provide automated tools which are intended to evaluate and document the details of your existing configurations as well as customizations. We carry out an analysis of your present infrastructure, costs, people, and the different processes, and associate these aspects with the current best practices to measure the expected ROI attained when you migrate to Oracle cloud. Further, we provide advisory services and innovative solutions like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, process automation, and chatbots, and integrators and data migrators to make the migration process smoother.

Oracle Data Migration

In the modern times, it is extremely difficult to manage huge chunks of data with the conventional databases and outdated operational models. Add value to your data gathered from multiple sources including sensor networks, transactional systems, and online channels. Shift to another platform with ease without disturbing the source structure.

We offer the best-in-class practices which provide minimal downtime while migrating data to the corresponding target systems. Regardless of whether the customers are working on fresh BI projects, or if they are moving to hybrid or cloud-based platforms, or instigating system upgrades, we ensure optimum data quality by way of our advanced solutions and tools.

Our data migration approach covers every aspect including checking whether migration is needed, formulating streamlined workflows, fulfilling the compliance goals, tightening the data security regulations, and many more.

We follow a multi-faceted approach in Oracle data migration which necessarily includes the following aspects:

Data Extraction
  • Extraction of transactional and master data
  • Evaluation of source structures
  • Analysis regarding uniqueness, dependency, and redundancy
  • Data configurations
  • Frequency dispersal
  • Data quality valuation.
Data Mapping
  • Ascertaining which process to undergo mapping
  • Standardization
  • Providing production models
  • Transformation-related mapping
  • Profiling of data
  • Preloading reports as well as error reports.
Data Cleansing
  • Cleansing data using business rules
  • Parsing data
  • Matching, merging, and checking for duplication.
  • Implement migration testing cycles
  • Resolve issues
  • Carry out deep dive testing
  • Create remediation reports as well as execute remediation.
Data Migration
  • Evaluating datasets and prioritizing
  • Collate and formulate data quality criteria
  • Determine conversion tools and mapping rules
  • Data reconditioning
  • Loading data into the target systems
  • Handling exceptions.
Data Reconciliation
  • Post-loading of reports
  • Post-loading of error reports.

Oracle Upgrades

With the introduction of new technologies, the businesses are compelled to migrate to new platforms to ensure their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We have extensive experience in helping our valued customers to upgrade to the latest version of on-premise as well as cloud applications. The process of upgrading to new software, or application, or database may appear to be a Herculean task. However, with our latest upgrade methodologies and tools, we make sure that the entire process is made easy and smooth with hardly any disruptions, and without causing any disturbance to the current workflow. With our deep expertise in handling Oracle technologies and tools, we offer a wide array of services in upgrades like consolidation, coordination, training, and testing.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Pre-designed options for upgrade including services, resources, and tools
  • Support offered post upgrade
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Upgrades offered to latest technologies
  • Extended functionality
  • Fast and reliable.

Oracle Database Administration Services

Our DBAs are well-equipped with advanced analytical and logical skills which enable them to serve our customers in a better manner. They essentially contribute towards the growth and development of the IT landscape of our clientele. Regardless of the Oracle version you are working upon, we ensure that your database is safe and secure by way of our DBA support services. We have deep expertise in Oracle database support as well as remote DBA support which enable us to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our offerings are a combination of reliability, security, flexibility, and high-performance.

Here are some of the highlights of our DBA services:

  • Regular patching
  • Cloning
  • Dot Upgrades
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Managing Downtime
  • Applying Data fixes
  • Providing on-demand support to business, AMS, and implementation team.