Product Development

Taking the Lead, We Believe in Awesome Product Development

With software products becoming ubiquitous across various segments of the industry, it has become imperative to adopt the latest methodologies and platforms to develop products that can generate value to the customers. Be it Cloud, mobile, or AI, Sailotech is always at the forefront in developing innovative products. However, product development is not about following a set of processes, but to understand the nuances of customer requirements, build a model, leverage the expertise of professionals, and ultimately deliver solutions that add value to the end users.

We follow a rapid deployment model and adopt the best agile practices which are aimed to minimize investment and time-to-market. We offer complete end-to-end support, right from building a robust product to final implementation, maintenance, and customer support. We have agile teams at every phase of software development, coupled with an open communication platform. This way we put the best foot forward, culminating the requirements into final products. We are also equipped with a strong QA framework that deploys the state-of-the-art technologies and platforms to ensure that the end products have the stamp of Sailotech excellence, as per the industry's best practices.

Key Aspects

Minimizes total development cost and time by following a rapid deployment model that focuses on continuous product improvement.
Reduces time-to-market by deploying the best methodologies, pre-built frameworks, and automation tools.
Offers complete support in future upgrades of all our products that are in line with the current technological advancements.
Reduces the overall product cost by offering value-based features and modules, best practices in value analysis and engineering, pre-built globalization tools, and by employing Sailotech's professional services.

Product Modernization

As a growing company, we need to keep pace with the emerging technologies to stay competitive. Hence, we pay special attention to product modernization and upgrades periodically, to be in tune with our dynamic customer requirements. Our Innovation Lab is mainly focused on addressing such customer needs, wherein we try to transform our ideas into reality.

Since every product has its own life cycle, it is imperative to modernize and improvise it during this process. The objective is to address the pain points of the customers at any stage of product adoption by minimizing risk and deriving value out of their investments. For enriched user experience, we seamlessly extend our products to other platforms like mobile and social media. Also, we assist our clients to migrate to newer platforms for an enriched customer experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Embarks on the right plan of modernization, while keeping abreast with latest technological trends
  • Conducts free assessment study, understands your pain points, and innovates the products to meet the market demands
  • Ensures reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and helps focus more on running your business efficiently
  • Offers a compelling user experience with minimized complexity that differentiates your brand