Customer Relationship Management

Create profitable customer experiences and transform those into brand advocates through our innovative decision platform

Complete Management of Prospects and Clients

Customer relationship management is more than technology; rather, it focuses on building stronger business relationships. In fact, CRM is about letting the customers feel that they have a one-to-one relationship with you and provides an opportunity to connect with them to understand them for concocting a better business relationship.

Sailotech CRM Tools

Increase Sales Cycles

Stay connected and view various sales activities through Dashboard, and follow our useful tips and best practices to configure and deploy CRM

Efficient Communication

Tracks and responds to the customer issues, regardless of who answers the phone or receives the mail anytime, anywhere

Comprehensive Data Store

Captures basiccustomer or member information including contact history(for e.g., company name, address, and telephone number)

SAilotech CRM

Contact Center Management

Integrates people and processes to deliver quality responses and offer a single-point view to all call center statistics

Strengthens Customer Base

Improvesyour ability to target and tailor new offers to increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Reporting Competence

Configures reports based on the type and business need using the powerful custom reports feature

SAilotech CRM

Behavioral Analytics

Monitors various parameters to understand the behavioral pattern of the customers to perform an ideal predictive analysis

Compare Products

Compare similar products and access the product specifications to stay on the competitive edge

Smart Analytics

Get multidimensional business and customer insights through trend analysis and predictive analytical models

Apprehend the customer behavior models through various parameters for an ideal predictive analysis