Event Management

Flexible, self-configurable workflow and event management that establishes an information backbone across your business applications

Plan and execute events flawlessly

Event management system is important for both small and large organizations because it streamlines the process of events with different technological tools. It manages processes, inventories, assets, and partners inexception, rather than monitoring processes that are running smoothly. It is capable of recognizing and reacting to unplanned events in the supply chain, to provide a single point of access for collaborative processes and measurethe performance of the business partners.


Create New Monitoring Processes

Create customized alerts using easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical process and define the event logic using visual objects at a higher level

Manage Risk and Compliance Measures

Monitor authorizations and controls to stay in compliance with the legislation and regulations. Manage risks to avoid fines and expose potential frauds

Make Smarter and Faster Decisions

Measure and simulate information to make better decisions that help the event managers to plan, implement, and execute the events successfully


Manage Attendees

Manage classes, resources, attendees groups, min/max capacity, custom questions at subscriptions/attendee or per subscription, customize entrance badges and analyze attendee profile

Direct Notifications

Deliver messages designated to users and business systems and track their responses using automated logic and workflows

Scalability Of an Event

Change the scalability of an event according to the requirement of an event and the organization. It is a helping tool to manage the staff for either bigger events or smaller meetings


Increase Collaboration

Provide visibility of events that impact suppliers, carriers, distribution, warehousing, and customers

Manage Sales and Revenue

Configure automated invoicing, cancellation policies, and specific prices for members and sale conditions like early bird, for your event

Complete and Customized Reports

Generate complete and customized reports of the system with real-time data in the required format

Apprehend the customer behavior models through various parameters for an ideal predictive analysis