Fleet Management

Control your resources to improve efficiency and profitability of fleet operations

Drive fleet performance with trusted solutions

Fleet management solutions today typically provide a stand-alone system that is solely focused on managing and utilizing fleet assets for an enterprise, coordinating and facilitating various transport-related activities. It manages daily fleet activity, driver regulations, and automates the driver assignments.


Process Optimization

Improve your fleet operation processes and quality standards by leveraging computer-based tools that automate processes for better efficiency


Maintain a clear view of the vehicle(s) by creating statuses for the vehicles ordered, parked vehicles, or the vehicles that you no more own

Risk Management

Monitor the vehicle’s duration of immobilization and its causes to plan to reduce the duration of a car’s unavailability using the intuitive dashboard


Vehicle Maintenance

Forecast the services and keep a track of the repairs for the vehicle by following up for vehicle for maintenance needs on a day-to-day basis

Cost Management

Record and monitor costs to operate your fleet and observe trends by the vehicle or by the overall fleet

Complete Monitoring

Improve record keeping and employee efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and track your vehicle location at a given time


Supreme Reporting Capability

The comprehensive management reporting capacity ensures that you have all the information about the incident at your fingertips when required

Reporting and Analysis

Know how your resources are used and reduce the carbon emissions and fuel costs by studying the content-rich reports

Vehicle Expenses

Track and monitor the vehicle expenses using the vehicle expenses report, which offers a one stop view of all your vehicle expenses month-wise

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