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Human Resources

Compilation of strategic practices for an effective workforce

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Efficient people management suite

Drive business growth and bringing the best of your employees’ skills by leveraging various HR modules in Sailotech Enterprise Applications (SEA) suite. The HR module enables you to manage recruitment, expenses, and payroll & staff development process. It also eases the complexities involved in managing HR activities while maintaining the vital elements of workforce management.
HR Dashbord

Automated processes

Since many processes are automated, HR gets more flexibility to concentrate on other valuable tasks.

Avoid data redundancy

Avoid a chance of duplicate or incorrect information with the advanced ERP solutions for keeping a tab on data.

Reduced license expenses

Reduce the overall expenses by utilizing a single integrated HR solution instead of using multiple systems to keep a track of information.

Absences and time-offs
Organize personal time-off requests and reduce the administrative work using built-in workflows. Calculate holiday entitlements automatically and adjusted leaves.
Money matters
Monitor expenses and get a clear picture on business costs. Make smarter decisions through intelligent insights.
Time and attendance
Allow employees to enter their time, and let manager approve it, from the same system, enabling data routing easier and hassle-free.
Employee performance evaluation
Define corporate objectives and complete performance reviews directly through the employee portal.
Understand employee behavior
Collect and manage employee details at one place, and easily identify trends in their performance and behavior.
Appraisal module
Create appraisal structure for different roles and take account of skills, competencies and goals.
Monitor various parameters to understand the behavioral pattern of the customers to perform an ideal predictive analysis.
Drive your business with SEA

Prioritize Time

Conversational user experience

Customize based on requirement

Turn information into action

Work smarter

Simplified processes

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