Inventory Management

Improve cash flow, reduce working capital, and increase labor efficiencies through custom inventory management solutions

Tactical Logistics for intelligent enterprises

Manage materials on the basis of quantity and value, including all internal and external movement of goods. Plan and document these movements, and view the real-time inventory updates in all the business areas. Effective inventory management is crucial, coupled with powerful functionality, configurability, and ease of use. We provide inventory backbone for your business requirements, offering flexibility for the inevitable changes in a fast-paced business environment.


Unlimited Inventory Visibility

Easily locates real-time inventory data and search transaction history, eliminating unproductive time spent searching for stock

Centralized Inventory Management

Fully integrated, collaborative, controlled, and automated purchase orders, invoices, and subcontracts. Generate up-to-date reports instantly, with all related documents segmented accordingly

Multi-Platform & Global Accessibility

Allow better inventory and product management adaptable to different business operations, from retailing to catering, wholesaling, and distribution


Track Inventory

Perform quick item lookups using item aliases, customer and vendor part numbers, lot numbers, and/or serial numbers

Order Management

Monitor customers and sales orders, add tax rates, and assign discounts on a per-customer basis, and then print invoices, pick tickets, and much more with this handy module

Track Vendor Performance

Track vendor’s performance to compare different vendors and understand the most regular and the best-priced one for the sake of business profits


Intuitive Reporting

Produce functional or specialized reports to manage your inventory efficiently and share them easily to business experts

Customized Reports

View instant, pick ‘n’ mix availability reports by title, territory, rights, events, or any other category to generate reports based on the filtered data

Ease of Document Tracking

Track and collect all important documents in one place for purchase orders, invoices, work orders, etc., and save time in finding appropriate data

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