Enhancing visibility throughout the supply chain to address process manufacturer challenges and optimize enterprise-wide performance


The process manufacturers have some unique requirements and challenges including those pertaining to customers, and various regulatory compliances to forecast and plan in order to remain competitive. Further, they need to attach the prospecting sales to production and ensure a solid connection between forecasting and planning to actual execution. The Sailotech manufacturing module is meticulously developed to address the complexities of the manufacturing industry.

Sailotech Manufacturing Dashbord

Accurate Inventory

Plan for the right parts at the right time and balance the supply and demand for all component parts needed to satisfy your master schedule

Increased Profitability Advantage

Enhances visibility and ensurestheoptimal utilization of materials, machinery, and manpower, optimizing the working capital

Maintenance Management

Experience the ad-hoc maintenance management which is time-and-usage-based, integrated with material and resource tracking, data collection and parts, and checklists


Integrated BOM Management

Select component parts and BOMs to display any combination of single or multilevel options, to generate one centralized bill

Order Management

Track orders through final shipment, manage change orders online, and make the order-to-delivery process perfect for maximum customer satisfaction

Production Orders

Generate production orders automatically from sales order requirements by entering work orders with the option to associate with an order or customer. Attach files to work orders


Key Reports

Create, edit, and publish highly granular reports based on the online database, the operational data store, or any other external database

Statistical Process Control

View variable and attribute charts integrated with data collection, exceptions, resource and material tracking, and user-defined rules

Campaign Connect

Manage the entire campaign cycle from identifying and importing contacts to creating targeted e-mails and corresponding web landing pages

Apprehend the customer behavior models through various parameters for an ideal predictive