Point of Sale

An end-to-end revolutionary retail management solution for different business divisions

Trade online, trade offline, trade all the time!

Today’s retailers recognize the need for an effective omni-channel strategy, and they are extending their supply chains to include a retail service to sell directly to consumers. The retailers are in dire need of a Point of Sale (POS) module with a modular design, built on a common platform that can stay current in the face of mobile payments and ever-changing business requirements. With Sailotech’s POS system, you can change operator screens, add consumer displays, and reconfigure its profile on the fly.


Highly Configurable

Fully customizable, intuitive graphical user interface with state-of-the-art, tailorable touch-screen optimization, allowing consistent branding

Seamless Integration

Complete e-commerce interface and integration with online shopping, catalogue, and web presence with built-in receipt, label, and report designer

Easy End-of-day Cash Ups

Comprehensive cash-up and end-of-day feature for secure and easy reconciliation between cash available and cash balance


Receipts and E-mails

Generate receipts alongside a purchase invoice, print them on a network printer or connected mobile printer, or send them to the customer via an e-mail

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory to identify your most profitable products, simplify bookkeeping with detailed transaction reports, and use insights to make better decisions

Loyalty Programs

Customers can opt-in to loyalty programs to build lasting relationships and drive repeat business


Over-the-counter Sales Transactions

Accepts payment or deposits efficiently, to sell stock directly to a customer and enables immediate stock allocation and payment

Increase Productivity

Automatic mix and match recognition saves time by reducing voids and re-scans, and improves order accuracy

Visibility Of Stock Quantity

View relevant statistics such as stock on hand, sales history, previous orders, moving averages and historical costs, to allow the user to make purchasing decisions

Apprehend the customer behavior models through various parameters for an ideal predictive analysis