Modernize your procurement practices to safeguard a steady supply of materials while administering policy and process controls

Digital path to profitable purchases

Procuring of raw materials have never been this simpler, thanks to the purchase module of ERP which consists of functionalities like supplier & item listing, quotation requests, tracking purchase items, updating stocks & various reports and many more. Sailotech purchase modules improve the purchasing process for customers and partners with simplified pricing system and scalable order management & integrated service logistics.


Capturing Materials Requirement

Understand who you buy from, what you buy from them, the cost items are purchased for, and how long it will take get to you.

Process Automation

Automate the process of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes.

Coordinated Tasks

Let the suppliers and company work in tandem, while both optimizing the resources from their respective ends.


Optimize Purchases

Enhance procurement processes and patterns by linking accounts and inventory with the purchase process and improve quality and reduce expenses/time of procurement.

Track Purchase Orders

Track purchase order from creation to receipt of materials in part or full, by relating them to purchase invoices, requirements etc.

Streamlined Operations

Record and apply purchase information on vendors, price agreements, discount agreements, and shipping and, or receiving arrangements.


Enhance Coordination

Evaluate vendor performance and determine possibility of any future cash requirements by analyzing various reports generated by the purchase order reports.

Performance Drilldown

Analyze and manage your purchasing experience by viewing the complete set of reporting screens and audit reports, reflecting your company performance.

Inventory Forecasts

Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.

Monitor various parameters to understand the behavioral pattern of the customers to perform an ideal predictive analysis.