SAP Offerings

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Topnotch Industry Expertise| Unmatched Implementation Experience

Our best-in-class SAP solutions are designed in such a way as to cater to the requirements of the global customers in a variety of domains like retail, healthcare, public sector, manufacturing, insurance, and many more. Equipped with the right set of skills and unparalleled expertise in implementing solutions, we aim to offer value by re-defining the complex business models and simplifying it to achieve the best results.

Industry Focus

Our vast experience in implementing SAP solutions across diverse business domains let us understand the requirements of the customers and accordingly address them by offering the right solutions within minimal time and cost.

The following are the segments that we cater:

  • Distribution
  • Hospitality
  • Equipment
  • Healthcare
  • Auto
  • HCCM
  • A & D
  • Public sector
  • Business

How Are We Different?

Premier partner for SAP implementation (including customization), rollouts, upgrades, application maintenance, and services
200+ man years of SAP implementation experience
10+ SAP projects, 10+ managed services, and 3+implementations
3+ upgrades, 2+ rollouts, and 3 managed services
Concentration on 20+ specializations involving deep-rooted expertise and experience
Rapid deployment solution approach that cuts implementation time and costs by over 30%

SAP Expertise


Business value-focused implementation

Application upgrades

Optimized coverage with short test cycles through proprietary frameworks and reusable test scripts


Business value-focused rollouts

Maintenance and support services

Sustained cost reduction by applying ‘Lean Principles’