Security Analytics

Enhance Your Security with Our Hi-tech Security Analytics Tools


With technology advancement, organizations are embracing the new Security Analytics tools for continuous monitoring, risk management, investigations, and incident detection/response. Given the volume of security data collected every second, the collection, storage, processing, and analytics involved in every aspect has become a “Data Science” challenge by all means. But once this data is analyzed, the next step is to use this newly-discovered intelligence as a foundation for managing security strategies, tactics, and systems, much faster than before.

Sailotech provides techniques that help you discover advanced threats by exploiting the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, for making better decisions. We provide a comprehensive set of tools to discover, classify, manage, and analyze vulnerabilities and associated risks to data.

Our main objective is to provide a complete, up-to-date view of the IT activities for security analysts and executives to take timely, data-driven decisions. The platform is capable of detecting and protecting from threats in real-time, while giving granular insights into the source and nature of the security threats.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Security Analytics platform:

Detects potentially suspicious patterns
Analyzes network traffic to pinpoint trends indicating potential attacks
Identifies improper user account usage
Detects data exfiltration by attackers
Detects insider threats and facilitates threat hunting

Business paybacks

  • Reduces incident resolution time by 45%-50%
  • Detects insider threats
  • Provides a scalable, modular IT security solution with easy deployment and clear upgrade path
  • Improves security posture