Sensor Data Analytics

A Smarter Way to make Automated Testing more Efficient


Embedding connectivity and technology-resilient smart sensors to Advanced Data Analytics is transforming the traditional methods of connections to intelligent, scalable, and customizable networks. There is a huge amount of data generated from various sensors from mobile phones, appliances, vehicles, machinery, etc. These sensors continuously monitor and report on every small piece of data to create opportunities for industries to reduce maintenance costs, predict equipment failures, create new modules, and develop intelligent solutions.

Sailotech provides a configurable framework built to rapidly collect, process, and analyze all types of sensor and log data. With the availability of sensor data from the connected devices, log data, and equipment monitors, there are plenty of opportunities in Advanced Sensor Analytics that can be used to deliver the desired results. Powered by deep learning, our platform performs

Powered by deep learning, our platform performs parallel analysis of streaming data from multiple sensors to enable accurate, on-the-fly analytics. It is a scalable, elastic, and powerful platform that enables simple ingestion, storage, processing, and analytics of both data in motion and at rest.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Sensor Data Analytics platform:

Processes high-volume sensor streams, generates useful insights
Improves processing time for faster inference
Correlates multiple data formats from various sensors
Accelerates time-to-market with ready-to-use components
Reduces data management costs with a single solution for multiple data sources

Business paybacks

  • Reduces fleet maintenance costs by an average of 20%-30%
  • Saves millions of dollars due to reduced downtime
  • Increases revenue by 4%-6%