What is TestEnsure

TestEnsure is a one-stop platform for Test Automation helping customers achieve shorter release cycles and greater business assurance with seamless test automation setup, execution and reporting. TestEnsure comes with pre-built test assets and accelerators capabilities that speed up your testing by 10X and increase the coverage and reduce the risk by 80% or more.

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Designed to deliver predictable outcomes for each test service requested.
Operated within agreed timelines and budgets.
Built on the quality management framework, bringing cost efficiencies through optimal utilization of people, processes, and technology.
Driven by mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reporting and communication plan.

How TestEnsure accelerators helps enterprises

Test Automation Accelerators enable organizations that can use for various technology platforms to focus on creating and implementing test automation activities in an accelerated pace. TestEnsure comes with accelerators such as Modular test suites, Over 100 pre-defined methods, Single-click execution, Automation execution history, Seamless integration to CI/CD With these accelerators it becomes easy to eliminate a possible number of errors in the testing process, bring speed and ease up managing current and future testing activities.

How to ensure Right Test Coverage

TestEnsure provides the visibility of coverage by allowing the test execution based on priority of the testcases against each feature set and functionality of the application under test.

Platform Setup and Maintenance

Easy to deploy Jar and containers of TestEnsure makes the platform setup on cloud or on prem quick and easy to maintain.

Lacking Resources for Test Automation

The platform enables users having less or no coding skills use it and also allows to setup execution schedule thereby allowing organizations to have less number of resources for test automation activities like execution and maintenance

How can Tests be Prioritized

Tagging and Grouping feature allows to tackle one of the challenges orgs face as to how to prioritize the test execution .It gives the flexibility to prioritize and execute only impacted test cases thereby providing value.

Why Tests are failing

TestEnsure execution reports not only provides the Pass / Fail / Skipped info from the Test execution but also provides detailed log for each step along with the screenshot enabling the team with all the details required to quickly troubleshoot and resolved the issues

Test Requirements Management

  • Built-in Test requirements management. Organise your tests, define the use-cases, tag them with feature or label. Use the workflow to collaborate through the implementation.

Low code Test Library

  • Configure your tests with speed, quality and reliability using the built-in elements library. Enables you to define low code actions and controls for cross-browsers, mobile apps, APIs, and database testing.

Modular and Reusable Test Steps

  • Highly scalable, flexible, easy maintainable, one stop interface for Test Cases, Test Data, Test Execution Management & Tracking. Create tests fast by reusing the created blocks. Speed up your test implementation and facilitate team member integration.

Scalable Parallel Test Execution

  • Execute your Tests across environments, browsers, devices, countries and locations. Leverage native integrations with execution robots. Tune your execution parameters for increased traceability, screenshots, replay, logging and queuing capabilities.

Dashboards & Traceability

  • Built-in traceability of your tests execution including steps, actions, controls, robots and network traffic. Enabling a fast, reproductible and easy debugging. Increase your test coverage and quality. Replay in one-click.

Test Execution Analytics

  • Manage all automation results and reports in one place with traceability and visibility of test executions. Provides access to Custom dashboards and metrics to learn from the past and predict trends. Perform trend analysis, detect spikes and abnormal application behaviours.

User and Role based Access

  • Multi-company Test Artifacts with robust Role Based Access Controls Keep a centralised security view integrating with AD or LDAP.

Tagging and Re-Run

  • Tagging and Grouping feature that enables to run the test cases by modules, functionality, severity, priority.

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