Warranty Analytics

Full Life Cycle Warranty Analytics - FLCWA®


OEMs and manufacturers spend a considerable amount of money on warranty costs. Globalization and digital revolution have spiked the smart machines to generate humongous amount of data. Advanced Analytics is used to convert yesterday’s impossible warranty challenges into today’s actionable intelligence. A robust Warranty Analytics platform improves warranty forecasts, optimize production processes, increase inventory and much more. Sailotech takes your assorted data and aggregates it into dashboard-enabled analytics to detect, prioritize, and define potential issues before they become major warranty threats. Our advanced analytics platform is designed to create a holistic view of warranty management, based on the available data and measurable objectives and results. By combining multi-variant processes of predictive analytics, monitoring, and data science, we help you mine the warranty claim reports for understanding emerging trends, identifying fraudulent claims, recovering warranty costs, and so on.

Our unique platform is tailor-made to help customers in the areas of supply chain management, predictive maintenance, warranty management, and quality, thereby providing untapped opportunities to improve efficiency through better use of data science.

Key capabilities of Sailotech’s Warranty Analytics platform:

Customer loyalty, product quality, and brand image
Early detection of parts failures with an increase in bottom line results
Effective management of claims processing and warranty reserves
Warranty cost management to understand and manage expenses
Smoother transactions and greater information flow

Business paybacks

  • Improves inventory turns and asset utilizations by 7%-9%
  • Reduces unpredicted interruption by 18%
  • Promises a minimum of 1.7% reduction in possibility of equipment failure
  • Increases operating margins by
    a minimum of 5%-7%
  • Reduces fraudulent warranty claims by 5%-8%
  • Minimizes warranty costs by 15%-17%
  • Combines analytics and data under a single platform effectively
  • Faster and easier settlement of warranty claims