Sailotech Workday AMS Transformation

Workday has transformed ERP, particularly in human capital and financial management, through its digital innovations. With over a decade of partnership, Sailotech can help you leverage Workday's full potential with a comprehensive range of services.

We provide best-in-class, round-the-clock Workday services. We ensure proactive management and end-to-end Workday support, covering functional configuration, technology integration, testing, and more. Our flexible support model allows you to optimize your Workday application lifecycle, reduce costs, and maintain business continuity, enabling you to focus on strategic priorities.

Comprehensive Workday Service Offerings

  • HCM and Finance
    HCM and
  • Professional Services Automation
    Professional Services
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Reporting and Analytics
    and Analytics
Why Sailotech

Why Sailotech?

Sailotech is your ideal partner for a successful Workday journey, leveraging over a decade of expertise and a proven track record in Workday Application Management Services (AMS). Committed to excellence, we ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient Workday experience. Our specialized Workday experts help organizations overcome challenges in maintaining harmonized business processes, streamlining operations through industry frameworks. Maximize the value of your Workday investments by unifying systems with our tailored tools, accelerators, AI-enabled solutions, and automation frameworks, enhancing your overall Workday experience.

Our Workday Offerings

Sailotech provides comprehensive Workday Application Management and support services across the full spectrum of Workday applications, including:

Phase II implementations and rollouts

Workday application management and support services

Business process configuration and re-engineering

Integration and reports

Version updates and support

L1 to L4 support

Help Desk

Test CoE, Test Automation

Workday Offerings
The implementation of Sailotech’s Workday Application Management Services (AMS) resulted in significant improvements for manufacturing client.

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